Bosathmatha Vipassana Asapuwa

Meditation Center:
The Bosath Matha Vipassana Meditation Centre was established in 1998 with five people and so far it has trained thousands of people. It is located in an upcountry village called “ Meegamawatta” in Kandy district, Sri Lanka. 17 Km away from Kandy Town.

Meditation based on Buddhist teaching is an integral part to become real human being. Fortunately we were born as a human. However the question is to what extend we have become a human in terms of our thinking, attitudes, behaviors, qualities and etc… Buddhism addresses such issues from the spiritual perspective which is the core of every body’s lives. Meditation with right guidance supports to explore your life from this most valued perspective i.e. you can see through your whole life by practicing meditation, then you yourself will find Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment.

Why you should visit there..?
(The salient attractiveness)

01.Very simple life there atmosphere will thrill you.

02.Individual guidance (Kamatahan) is given the teaching method of the Meditation.

03.It is a paradise to become "Bosath Daruwo" by practising "PARAMY" .

04.The meditation teachers do not refer any books to teach meditation or Buddhism. Meditation by practise is their strategy.

05.The day programmes are conducted in every saturdays and fullmoon poyadays. Residential programmes like 02 days, 03 days, 05 days, 07 days, 14 days, 21 days and 30 days are organized periodically.

06.The center is run by group of Upasaka (Not by monks) who have been well trained on meditation.

Mr. S. Perera
Bosath Matha Vipassana Meditation Center
184, Meegamawatta,

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